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- Custom Programming

"MEI Engineering, Inc. is diversifying its areas of experties into the growing market of custom programming and database applications. We can design and engineer all of your database applications."
Custom Database Applications and SQL Queries


From simple SQL queries to complete database applications, MEI can help design, write and implement database applications. These queries and applications can be used to enhance existing legacy applications like AMI, billing or CIS.




MEI Engineering has developed a software package that allows you to link AutoCAD entities to an external database.


Consumer Outage Tracking


Using MaierMap, MEI Engineering has designed a software package that allows you to track and report consumer outages.


AutoCAD and ESRI Automation


MEI Engineering has been automating AutoCAD since the introduction of LISP in AutoCAD release 2.3. Using LISP, Visual Basic and C++, we can help customize your mapping system. The result is a true AM/FM/GIS mapping system.


Office Automation


We can automate routine office tasks by creating programs or macros using Visual Basic and Visual C++. These programs can be integrated into all your daily activities to create one seamless office operation.